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Individual attention and care


Babies to Grade R, and growing


Age-appropriate child to adult ratios

In our nursery, we maintain a caregiver-child ratio of 1:4, in our 1-2 year old classes the ratio is 1:6, and in the 3-5 year old classes the ratio is 1:10. Our classes accommodate up to 22 children.
No more than 18 – 22 children per class.
We offer spacious, natural and beautifully laid out classes for children from the age of four months old.  We currently offer grade R, and will be growing our primary school year by year – accommodating grade 1 in 2020, grade 2 in 2021 etc.
We are very gentle with our littlies.  Babies transition from our nursery to the early first class through a six week programme to ensure that they have time to adapt to their new environment.
“…and the cleanliness, wow, the hygienic practices with the children and the constant cleaning going on – now that is what I was looking for.”
From one of our parents