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Leap is research driven.  We don’t do anything unless there is compelling evidence that it will have a powerful and positive effect on your child’s development.  This is what allows us to discriminate foundational pedagogy and valuable innovations from the mere and many fads that permeate education today. 
Develop a love of learning and a strong foundation in math and language with our Montessori-inspired, hands-on approach to learning.  The Montessori method develops true mastery and deep understanding like no other approach.  This will benefit your child enormously, even if he or she moves to a non-Montessori school later on.  A more comprehensive Montessori approach is offered from grade RR (the year your child turns 5).  Before grade RR, our curriculum is play-based, and incorporates inspiration from Montessori, Reggio Amelia, Waldorf and others.  To decide what to include, we turn to the research.  Overall, the focus is on developing the whole child in the context of nurturing relationships with adults and peers.
Leap is passionate about developing future-ready skills and interests through our involved, multi-media enriched science programme – also touching on technology and engineering.  From grade RR children begin to learn the logic and language of code through a hands-on activities.
Good habits today – strong characters tomorrow.  Our facilitators and caregivers focus on acknowledging and empathising, allowing expression, listening to feelings, teaching problem solving and using role play to aid in understanding complex emotions.  This approach helps your child to grow into a happy, confident and engaged child.  From grade RR children participate in a specific story-based character curriculum, followed by hands-on activities and discussion. Our Montessori-inspired approach give children opportunities to take responsibility for their own actions, develop their independence, and become active citizens in their school community.
Play is so important for the development of children that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights declared it a basic human right. And yet this birthright is threatened for many children today as free, child-directed play declines due to busy lifestyles, over-scheduling and passive pastimes. At Leap we are very serious about play. We not only learn through play in the classroom, but we provide long uninterrupted blocks of time for outside play so we can return to our work refreshed and happy. This is true for all our ages. Less pressure. Better results.


We take time each day to help children develop their memorisation skills (foundational for all other subjects later on) and, in the process, children are exposed to what Aristotle called “the good, the true and the beautiful.” For children under 5 this means the staples – shapes, poems, numbers, songs, finger rhymes and colours etc. For children 5 and over, we use beautiful artworks, poetry, Latin (which helps a-lot with English vocabulary). So children not only practice their memories, they fill their minds and hearts with treasures for the future. From grade RR we also have a weekly “story of the world” lesson – a fun, story-based approach which helps children understand the “big story” of world history.

Developed by expert biokineticists, our PlayBall programme is presented once weekly for children aged approximately 18 months to four years old, and twice weekly for children aged 5 and up – where the programme includes a focus on foundational physical skills, sport skills and the development of an unplugged play vocabulary.  This intra-mural is  included in your school fees and are presented once a week during morning hours.  Our teachers also work with your child to ensure that he/she reaches the required milestones in his/her gross motor development.

Presented by Happy Beat from the age of four months, an age-appropriate programme is followed to develop musicality and, from grade RR, begin to prepare children for specific instrument study later on.  This intra-mural is  included in your school fees and are presented once a week during morning hours. 

From grade RR we take time out every week to work on children’s oral skills and help them build the skill and confidence they need to speak comfortably in front of others and express themselves well.  These same skills are practiced in a simpler way during our morning circle time for younger children.  During morning circle time a series of exciting “morning baskets”, prepared each week according to a theme, rotate among classrooms – so children have a new basket to unpack each day.  The basket contains conversation starters, games, poems and words to memorise, facts to learn, things to explore and stories to act out …  so morning time always buzzes with conversation, learning and activity.
Sunny Bunny Afternoon Play Club provides full day children with care-free, play-full afternoons. Children rotate among a number of free-play stations, including sensory play, dramatic play and gross motor play. A variety of extra-murals provide specialised stimulation for a portion of the afternoon, but the rest is spent playing in an enriched and stimulating environment that changes daily. Because by the end of the day kids should be tired, dirty and happy.

“The zen feel and the spaciousness, the small number of children per class, most importantly the activities and education you do with the children is amazing. It is constant, it is everyday, it is well thought out with an intention behind everything and the most important thing, the absolute love is incredible.”
From one of our parents