Leap Late Collection Policy

Leap School is open for 10.5 hours from 07:00-17:30.

In the event that a child is collected after the school’s official closing time at 17:30:

The aftercare staff will remain with the child, ensuring the child’s safety and well-being until the parent(s), or a person authorised by the parent(s), have collected the child.

In the event where parent(s) / guardian cannot be reached, the aftercare staff may, at their sole discretion, make contact with other authorised pick-up persons as registered on the Kinderlime app. and may arrange that the child be collected by any of these authorised persons.

Parent(s) / guardians are responsible for making sure trusted authorised pick-up persons are registered on the Kinderlime app. in order to ensure that someone will be available to collect the child if parents cannot be reached, and cannot collect their child.

If parent(s) / guardian can be reached, but are not available to collect the child, they may verbally authorise any trusted person to pick the child up by providing the authorised persons name to the aftercare staff, and making a telephonic arrangement, even if this trusted person is not a registered authorised pick-up person.

The parent(s) / guardian will incur a late charge of R10 per minute, or R300 per half hour, calculated from the official closing time of the school at 17:30, up unto the official sign-out time on the Kinderlime app.

This late fee will apply even if the parent(s) / guardian inform the school that they will be picking up late.

Parent(s) / guardian are responsible for signing the child out immediately upon collection by using the Kinderlime app.  If the Kinderlime app is not available for any reason, the aftercare staff will make a note of the sign out time and will communicate this with the school administrator.

An invoice for all late fees incurred during the month will be delivered by email to the parent(s) / guardian at the end of the month.

If parent(s) / guardian collect late repeatedly, the management team may, at their sole discretion, consider terminating the parent agreement in order to ensure the wellness of our staff.

Late fees will be used, in part, to cover overtime and other costs incurred by the school in the event of late pick ups by parent(s).

By having their child actively enrolled in Leap, parent(s) / guardian implicitly agree to the terms as set out in this agreement.

The terms of this agreement may change from time to time without notice.  It is the responsibility of the parent(s) / guardian to make sure they are familiar with the most updated version of this policy, as available on this page.