Leap Parent Referral Programme


If you’d like to refer someone to Leap, simply check our weekly newsletter for an electronic voucher, or pick up a printed voucher at the office.  Alternatively, simply download parent referral voucher.

Simply forward or give the voucher to your friends or extended family and, if they end up enrolling, your friend will receive a R500 discount off their registration fee.  You, on the other hand, will receive 50% discount off one month’s school fees.  Win win. 

Please read through the terms and conditions below and as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Terms and Conditions

Parents may request / download as many vouchers as they need. 

No discounts may be redeemed for cash. 

Discount to school fees only apply to parents or guardians of children actively registered with Leap, and who are up to date with all payments. 

Discount does not apply to enrollments within the same immediate family (Siblings).

Discounted school fees will be debited from the usual account at the ordinary time.  We cannot deposit the discount into any other account.  For parents paying via EFT, a reduced payment will be accepted for the relevant month. 

For parents with multiple children enrolled at Leap, discount will be calculated based on the most expensive enrollment option for that family.   

Discount will only be granted upon presentation of the official voucher code as present on the voucher.  Verbal or other mention of a referral will not be sufficient to warrant any benefits. 

Discounted school fees will only be granted for referrals who finalises their enrollment by paying their registration fee.   

Referral benefits will not be granted if Leap cannot or will not for any reason accommodate a new enrollment. 

Discounted school fees will be granted during the second month after the start of attendance. For example, if the child started on 12 August 2018, discounted school fees will be deducted for the month of October.

If a new enrollment cancels within 30 days after starting to attend, as per our no risk money back guarantee, no benefit will be due to the parent who referred the new enrollment.

A parent may not redeem more than one school fee discount per month.  If more than one friend is referred per month, as per the terms above, the parent will receive additional discounts during consecutive months. 

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time as we see fit, without notice to parents. For updated terms, please visit this page.