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Strict hygiene practices

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Loving and nurturing caregivers

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Fun stimulation programme

Our Nursery caregivers have been carefully selected based on the passion they have for babies and taking care of their needs. Upon visiting the Nursery, their love, patience and commitment is evident in how they interact with the little ones.
In our Nursery, we maintain a caregiver to child ratio of 1:4.
We are sensitive towards each individual baby’s eating and sleeping patterns, and rely on parents to keep us updated of any changes in their child’s daily routine.
Our Nursery caregivers have all undergone First Aid training. Thorough processes are followed when it comes to the overall hygiene of the facility, hand washing techniques, and nappy-changing procedures.
Our Nursery facilitator develops a weekly stimulation programme that includes age-appropriate early childhood development principles like sensory, gross-motor, and fine-motor development. For the very little ones, Tummy Time forms an important role in promoting neck and core strength. Babies participate in our music intramural once a week, presented by KiddiBeat and included in your school fees.
Once your baby is steady on their feet, we move him/her to a separate section in our Nursery where all our recently walking little ones are cared for. When they are ready, they are transitioned over a 4 to 6 week period to our Purple Class to join our 1 to 2 year old toddler group. This approach ensures that these big life changes are as stress-free as possible for each child.