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Nurture, kindness and care


Research shows that the most powerful effect on student achievement is the teacher.  Not the school, or tests, or how many kids are in a class, or parents.  No.  The teacher and teachers collectively.  Great teachers are focused on learning, rather than teaching.  They believe that the success of children in their class depends heavily on what they, as teachers, do.  Because these teachers believe that their impact is what matters, they are hungry for feedback from the class.  They find ways to make learning visible – to see whether or not kids are learning and to learn, adapt and improve to get better results.  They understand their impact.  They are learning teachers…These are also people of integrity.  They hold themselves responsible.  Their internal standard is high.

At Leap we go to painstaking lengths to find and employ such “learning teachers” and we optimise their opportunities to grow.  Our teachers participate in an extensive weekly training programme which exposes teachers to the latest research in early childhood development, new tools and techniques and gives them a platform to solve problems together and to practice the art of thinking like a designer – solving challenges and continually improving classroom practices. 

Leap is privileged to employ a dedicated Education Advisor, responsible for the continuous improvement of our educational offering.  We love feedback – from our teachers, parents and even our kids.  We are constantly using this feedback to learn, grow, improve.  Have a problem?  Let’s take it apart and build something beautiful.
We follow a rigorous recruitment process focused on bringing onboard only teachers and caregivers for whom early childhood development is a passion. As such we have assembled a team that truly care about each child.
We support our teachers to create engaging classrooms by providing them with the resources and equipment they need.  These include “morning baskets”, prepared each week according to a theme, which rotate among classrooms – so children have a new basket to unpack each day.  Morning baskets contain science experiments, theme-related stories, multi-media enriched content, movement games and more … so morning time always buzzes with conversation, learning and activity.  Teachers also have access to rotating loose parts toy crates.  The theory of “loose parts” was first proposed by architect Simon Nicholson, who believed that it is the “loose parts” in our environment that empower our creativity. In play, loose parts are materials that can be used in multiple ways, with no specific set of directions.  Teachers receive a new crate of these open-ended toys weekly, for a six week rotation.  The novelty of a “new crate” each week is not only super fun… it also leads to higher levels of play engagement vital for the development of problem solving and creativity in play. 

“My son has grown so much over the last two months. He loves school and almost everything about it. From his friends and teachers to the veggie patch outside.”
From one of our parents